These solutions were built using our tech stack

eWallet and QR Solutions for BLoyalty (a customer loyalty programme).

Berjaya Group Malaysia, 2016

Berjaya Group introduced the B-Infinite Rewards Programme in 2016. B-Infinite is a mobile app offering lifestyle and brand-focussed rewards, partnering with merchants from businesses across a wide range of industries in Malaysia.

At the time of launch, Berjaya had more than 5 million members, 80 merchants and over 4000 stores nationwide as part of its network.

B-Infinite was later rolled out to Singapore and the Philippines in 2018.

The B-Infinite mobile solution enabled businesses to offer their members rewards and incentives for their lifestyle choices and delivered a payment gateway and reward redemption offering for mobile enabled customers.

Beraya used the mobile payment platform and infrastructure that now underpins WOWfinstack’s offering to deliver the mobile payment capability.

To deliver the mobile payment offering, the B-Infinite platform integrated with:

  • The mobile gateway and EDC TPA Systems via APIs;

    The banking host for ewallet top up;

    Bill payment systems.

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